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 About DotA 1.5  Symbianize Community Version

The project Dota 1.5 was the idea of PrO_SoZaI in (Dota 1.5 WebSite)Another project came out pursuing this great idea, the WarDota2 of TIHLOH and vHAPpY (PlayDotA), this project includes the Rena!ssance 's User Choice (RUC) Tool that let the users choose what kind of mods they wanted to use.

DotA 1.5 Symbianize Community Version is a FREE Modification Patcher Installer. We prohibited selling any copy of this. Please give respect and consideration to the people involved in this project.

The DotA 1.5 Symbianize Community Version Patcher Installer was released by a team from We just gathered all stuffs in (where this stuffs came from), compiled it and made an installer.

The team from Symbianize Community (in random order):

  • eL_sHanOa
  • xkaizerx
  • rokon1
  • fr0zenjex
  • adren99
  • drew9harvey
  • agaxent
  • StrywgwyR
  • ewanizer13
  • zessowick
  • merthy

With BIG RESPECT and a BIG CREDITS to the ORIGINAL RIPPERS in, we list down all of them here (in random order):


  • PrO_SoZaI
  • Rena!ssance Team (TiHloH - vHappy)
  • ShadowProgr
  • trolBoy
  • envision4
  • altarmaria
  • FosZaFel2oZ
  • Shinichi15
  • casperm
  • icewolf055
  • Abang_i_Joe
  • HaO.966
  • 9enial
  • ^eQu!nOx^
  • iamdelgado
  • Dagont
  • baboblack
  • -ZyL-
  • Mr.Moron
  • azheem
  • pradyuuu
  • facelockmo
  • zuhdi1478
  • MJKhaani
  • nja11

We acknowledge everyone who support this project. Without them, there is no DotA 1.5 Symbianize Community Version. The people mentioned above are the BEST RIPPERS in PlayDotA nowadays, we hope one day, they all combine in a team and we all welcome and support them. Please do credits them too, by visiting under Tools and AI Maps Section.

We dont, neither claim nor own and stuffs around here, we just collected and compiled all stuffs from PlayDotA, credited everyone who's involve, and made a Patcher Installer.

This is exclusively for Filipinos, for Symbianize Community and to all you people out there too! REMEMBER: Credit the original rippers. Thanks to them! :D

This Symbianize Community Version of DotA 1.5 is "NO ABSOLUTE PROGRESS / DEVELOPMENT". If you want more stuffs and things for your Warcraft III - Frozen Throne: Defense of the Ancient, please do visit and interact with the community in (Tools and AI Maps Section).


 WarDota2  by TihloH and vHaPpY

"Bringing your Gaming World to the next level!"

"A Transformation of Warcraft III Frozen Throne!"

"Experience Dota2 in WC3!"

- Rena!ssance Team

TihloH and vHaPpY's WarDota2 project is more highly anticipated. Please do support them by visiting there "bigger and bigger community" at this site and FB Page. This project is more awesome compare to DotA 1.5 because of continues up-to-date new stuffs and things. We recommend this for you to check out! We can say that WarDota2 have this "ABSOLUTE PROGRESS / DEVELOPMENT" because of TihloH and vHaPpY.


 DOTA 2  by Valve

We support and advocate everyone to PLAY DOTA 2 of Valve. We know that sooner or later, after an experience of DotA 1.5, you will be excited in playing DOTA 2. So please, keep in mind that "DOTA 2 is better." - in graphics

Big Thanks to Valve and Blizzard.

(e-mail us for more credits, corrections and other concerns here:



[k]ruezer - PnC Batch'12. Proudly Pinoy.