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 DotA 1.5 Patcher Installer  Symbianize Community Version



DotA 1.5 Patcher Installer -free to download.

3 PARTS .RAR FILE - "DotA 1.5 Installer.exe"

Total File Size: 302 MB
Per .RAR Part Size:  100MB+

Download Link

Password: kruezer




Instructions (please be guided)

Make sure you already downloaded the DotA 1.5 Patcher Installer. DotA 1.5 Mod will run smoothly in a fresh Warcraft III - Frozen Throne. Please UNINSTALL any existing Mod (if there is) in your Warcraft III.

RECOMMENDED: Kindly create another folder of Warcraft III for DotA 1.5

Now follow the main instructions below: (click photos for larger view)

Instruction #1
  • Run the installer, click the appropriate buttons then locate your Warcraft III directory (the Warcraft III folder you created for DotA 1.5) then install.
Instruction #2
  • Now run your DotA 1.5.exe inside the Warcraft III - DotA 1.5. Check if the main menu was changed.
  • If no changes at all, go back to the Warcraft III - DotA 1.5 folder, locate the SetupReg.exe and Enable DotA 1.5.reg then run it As Administrator.
  • Run again, see changes?
Instruction #3
  • Now in main menu of Frozen Throne, go to Options > Video and adjust the settings like in this photo -->
(lowest possible video settings)
  • If you got a powerful Video Card, you may set the Video Settings to HIGH for better visual effects.

Instruction #4

DotA 1.5 Maps  6.74c and Ai 6.74c 1.3b

After you successfully patched and install DotA 1.5, you must download and use our DotA 1.5 Maps: 6.74c and AI 6.74c 1.3b before playing.

Please proceed @ Maps Page

 Enjoy and have fun while playing with DotA 1.5!