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Always check our DotA 1.5 Map version release version and date. It's better to have a new version of map to avoid conflict, bugs and errors and also to have updated things around DotA 1.5.

Also, for every update of DotA 1.5 in UPDATES page, the latest maps maybe included in the downloaded file so better not to download maps here again.

 DotA 1.5 Maps  Ai and Non-Ai

DotA 1.5 Maps both Ai and Non-Ai came from the ORIGINAL IceFrog DotA Maps Version 6.74c (Non-Ai) and 6.74c Ai 1.3b (by PleaseBugMeNot).

We just edited, modified and added some tweaks and files for the compatibility of our DotA 1.5.

DotA 1.5 Map Release Version: 2.0

DotA 1.5 Map Release Date: July 1, 2012

 Download DotA 1.5 Maps


 Garena and RGC  Possible!

This is possible! You can play in Garena and RGC using this map! Just place the DotA 1.5 Non-AI Map v6.74c at this location:

Warcraft III - DotA 1.5\Maps\Download\



  DotA 1.5Maps


DotA 1.5 Map v6.74c

DotA 1.5 Map v6.74c Ai 1.3b