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  • August 09, 2012 - DotA 1.5 PATCH UPDATE Ver. 1.0 RELEASE
  • September 09,2012 - DotA 1.5 PATCH UPDATE Ver. 1.0 RELEASE


 DotA 1.5 Updates  Patch Update Versions


  • All Patch Updates here can be applied ONLY IF you ALREADY INSTALLED our OFFICIAL DOTA 1.5 Patcher Installer. If you're not yet installing our DotA 1.5 on your Warcraft III - Frozen Throne, you can grab it here (with instructions to follow).
  • New DotA 1.5 Maps are also included on each Patch Update downloaded files. Better to use the right compatible DotA 1.5 maps on each Patch Update versions you installed. Maps are playable ONLINE (Garena, RGC) -- still no report if playable on Battle.Net.
  • Each version of our DotA 1.5 Patch Update MUST BE INSTALLED CHRONOLOGICALLY, meaning you cannot install ver.1.1 not unless you already install ver.1.0. Do not skip or jump onto the latest patch update until you install the previous updates.
  • Please follow instructions CAREFULLY to avoid unexpected errors and bugs on DotA 1.5. All updates are tested working smooth and alright. 

Patch Update Version 1.0 [AUGUST 09, 2012]



- instructions -
  • Patch ur Warcraft III - DotA 1.5 using this Patch Update Ver. 1.0.
  • Use the latest map included in the downloaded file.
  • Done!
  • NOTE: Don't use this patch update if u'r not yet installing DotA 1.5.

Icons Update
-Latest from HaO.966 (playdota)
New Main Menu UI (by merthy - dextering12)
- Main Menu bg not included
(waiting for dota 1.5 team member names to be included)
New Heroes:
- Lanaya
- Naga Siren
- Visage (with Ulti Model Familiar)
- Nyx Assassin (Anub'arak)
- Ezalor
- Wisp
Retextured Heroes
- Sand King (retextured)
- Enigma (with Dynamic Light)
- Juggernaut (w/ Healing Ward)
- Magina (with Glowing Balde)
- Luna (Ulti Improved)
- Kunkka (talking portrait)
- Mortred (with Scythe Weapon)
- Silencer (retextured)
Others (fix-new)
- Winged Beast (neutral creeps)
- Thunder Lizard (neutral fix)
- Undying's Tombstone (fix-no acolytes)
- Furion's Ent Model (newest)
Skills Effects
- Windrunner Skill Set
- Shadow Fiend Skill Set
- Lanaya Skill Set
- Necrolyte Skill Set
- Beastmaster (Wildaxe)
- Invoker (QWE Orbs)
- Mortred (First Skill)
-details cont.-

Item's Aura Effects 
- Shiva's Guard
- Vladm
- Cuirass
- Drum Jango
Level Up Animation Effects
Healing Items Effects
- Mekansm
- ArcaneBoots
- MagicWand
- SoulRing
Missile Effects
- Desolator
- Eye of Skadi
Regeneration Items Effects
- Healing Salve
- Clarity Potion
- Bottle
- Urn of Shadow

Many more...

Found Errors: (sorry can't fix for the mean time)
- Several Old Icons for new heroes (Nyx, Wisp, Visage, etc)
- Others (if found, pls post on forums under help assistance)

Sorry guys if the updates will not be as fast as before
but we will still continue updating DotA 1.5.
- DotA 1.5 Team Symbianize.

On next update [release if users goes up for > 400]
- Still working on sounds (we still not yet including it since past updates)
- Map Size Enhancement (map size is getting close to 8mb, must be resize or else, can't be played online)
- Items and Heroes' Dota 2 Description
- Reworked Buildings and many more.

compiled by [k]ruezer


Patch Update Version 1.1 [SEPTEMBER 09, 2012]

- instructions -

  • Patch ur Warcraft III - DotA 1.5 using this Patch Update Ver. 1.1.
  • Use the latest map included in the downloaded file.
  • Done!
  • NOTE: Don't use this patch update if u'r not yet installing DotA 1.5 and the Patch Update v.1.0.

- details -


  • Naga Siren
  • Puck
  • Shadow Demon
  • Lone Druid
  • Lina


  • Active Items
  • Stun and LifeSteal


  • Pudge's Hook
  • Razor's Plasma Field
  • Undying's Tombstone Splat


  • Dire Tower's Missile
  • True Sight
  • Full Announcer Pack from FIRST BLOOD to HOLY SHIT (Juggernaut-Furion-Storm Spirit Sounds)

MODELS: (Heroes)

  • Echantress
  • Ezalor
  • Gyrocopter
  • Tinker
  • Ursa (new armored model)
  • Ancient Apparition
  • Axe (with helm and huge blade model)
  • Davion
  • Invoker (new model texture)
  • Krobelus (Hair glow effects)
  • Kunnka (pirate captain suit model)
  • Lina
  • Luna (portrait and blade attack)
  • Outworld Destroyer (new staff model)
  • Omniknight (new helm)
  • Phantom Lancer (new staff)
  • Tidehunter (with Sea creatures stuffs)
  • Traxex (new Glowing Bow)
  • Doom
  • Leshrac
  • Slardar (Glowing antenna)
  • Thrall
  • Anti-Mage (Sharpened Blade to glow)
  • Wisp (new Orb Model)
  • * some without details, just re-textured models

- details cont. -

MODELS: (Buildings)

  • Radiant Ancient Tower (new effects)
  • Banners (moving/swaying LOL)
  • Dire Fountain (new model)
  • Walls, Secret and Side Shops
  1. a.with stairs only in radiant base, left and right
  2. b.secret shop model differ on Dire and Radiant but same portrait
  • c.Side shops, clickable on two shop

MODELS: (Others)

  • Lane Creeps
  • Small Thunder Lizard
  • Troll's Skeleton
  • Broob's Spiderlings and Web Model


  • Weaver Model (a little bigger but easy to target)
  • Blink Fixed Conflict with Anti-Mage's Ulti

And so much more to include...



  • Doom unplayable on AI. SORRY, can't find out why it crashes the game.
  • Unable to change the Map Details In-Gamestill showing DotA 1.5 v2.0 but its v3.0, Sorry forgot to change



  • AA's Spell Pack (not so awesome to include, maybe next)
  • Traxex and Mirana's Arrow Missile (can't download the file)
  • SoundFX (too much to work about this one, still finalizing)
  • Stairs, too lazy to include it, can't find the fixed one on PlayDota.
  • Treasure Chest (the item when dropped) Model, sometimes unclickable.
  • MORE STUFFS that has yet to come.


- DotA 1.5 Team Symbianize.

compiled by [k]ruezer